About Us

About Us


Cynthia B. Westwood

My name is Cynthia B. Westwood and I’m the new owner of this website and our business is dealing with selling and/or buying of properties in Florida Key West area. Our group is expanding but for now there are 3 of us handling the day to day activities on a individual basis.

Which means we are each running like an one-man army unit. We go out and we find buyers and Sellers at the same time. So what we close or transact deals is the only commission we get or there is no pay cheque for the week.

So what it basically means is that, we each operate as individual doing our own business to say.   

We  have about total of 15 years between ourselves, but what we do is magic, with clients houses or searches for homes. 

Normally, once we a get a buyer, we turn that client into a Seller at a later date, its this way, we get to search for the buyer a Home but we normally get to them to sell their currently house or place.

The same applies to Seller, we turn them into a buyer, in that we sell their house and later we search them a new house. In this way, once we do a good job, we get recommendations from our clients and this keeps our business going and going.

Let’s make your Home a Beautiful place?