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Key West is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, on the eastern shores of Lake Lanier. It is known as the key city of the Sunshine State. The reason why this small coastal city is referred to as a ‘sunshine city’ is because of its warm and sunny weather. It experiences over average temperatures during the summertime, with lows dipping below freezing at times. January to February, however, is the time when temperatures climb into the 80s, with an average rainfall of just eight inches. The Gulf of Mexico, which waters the area, provides water for tourism and recreation.


Florida's Gulf Coast

When winter rears its head, Key West experienced one of the most significant rainfall occurrences – of fifteen inches per year! This is due to an easterly trade wind event, which also contributes to the high humidity. From June to August, Key West experienced one of the lowest humidity readings in the world. This is also the season when tropical storms can be most active. Hurricane Joanne, which made its first appearance in 1998, became the strongest tropical storm to ever hit the United States. At that time, there were so many Key West condo owners who had their homes damaged or destroyed that the government introduced an insurance policy to cover damage costs to those who rented or owned Key West condos during that storm.

Due to the low humidity, summer is Key West’s most active season. It is during this time that you will find most festivals and activities taking place. You can go to the zoo, take a boating trip, check out the farmer’s market, and take part in local concerts, fairs, and theater events. There are many different outdoor activities that you can participate in during your Key West vacation.

If you are interested in hitting the beach, you should consider Coral Gables. It is a short drive from Key West and the beaches are very easy to reach. Many tourists rent condos in Coral Gables and enjoy playing on the beach during the day and staying in the condos at night. The nightlife in Coral Gables is also impressive. There are many live shows, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy.

Key West itself has many beautiful beaches. Seven Mile Beach is one of the busiest beaches in the United States and offers twenty-four-hour access to the water. You can float down on the Gulf of Mexico or just lie on the sand and enjoy the view of the Gulf. This is a popular destination for those looking for a private beach or even a nice hiking trail.

Two other popular beaches are Turtle Island and Bradenton Beach. Both offer wonderful views of the Gulf and offer easy access to the water. While you are on the water, you can check out the hundreds of different wrecks that Key West is famous for. Many of these wrecks have been hit by large ships over the years and now offer visitors a chance to look at the history of the ship and what it may have lost over the years.

The best way to check out Key West is to rent an Oceanfront Condo on the Way. If you love Key West and taking in all that it has to offer then you should consider a rental property. You can find one that is close to all of the attractions, but you must get one that is close enough to allow you to visit the various beaches. This is one of the major reasons that renting a Key West apartment is so popular.

A vacation rental will allow you to take full advantage of your vacation and you won’t be bored with visiting the same attractions over again. If you are looking for a place to stay while you are in Key West you should consider a Key West oceanfront condo. These rentals will offer you everything you need on your vacation while you live there. They offer beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico, they are close to all of the fun places you want to visit, and they will make you happy every day when you are on your vacation in this beautiful city.

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