Our Mission

Our mission was created in 2018 by Westwood B. Cathy the owner of the real estate company.

Our mission is to provide affordable housing for all working-class people. Since its inception, our mission has grown into a national franchise that now has many houses and condos for sale in the Key West Toronto area.

For anyone to join our mission, you must agree to follow our local program and to complete a certain number of hours in the fieldwork, and be supervised by our experienced real estate agents weekly.

You will be given a detailed explanation of how real estate agents work and what you need to know about investing prospects. Once you have chosen to become a member of any of our programs, you will begin to learn about real estate and the financial benefits of making real estate investments.

With this learned information, you will be well equipped to function on your own in the field and you will be expected to complete several sales targets per month and this will be your target.

With these sales targets, you will eventually be hitting more targets and will be able to lead a team of agents to accomplice future targets on a collective basis with your agents.